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Call Info Category Auto Populate

This features auto populates the fields of an evaluation form during an ATA process. It avoids the time consumption of making manual entries in the form. 

There are two steps to use this feature-

Step 1-

A user needs to go to Forms>Create Evaluation Form> Start with blank evaluation form and to check for Call-Info Category Auto Populate option. This is as shown in the below screen-

Select the radio button with Yes option to activate the process as shown in screen below-

Step 2- 

Go to Manage>Forms and click Edit forms. This is as shown in the below screen-

The system will redirect to the following screen-

Select Yes radio button for ATA Call info Auto Populate Required as shown highlighted in the below screen-


Now for any ATA process, go to Evaluate>Search Evaluation and search an evaluation as shown highlighted in the below screen

Click on under ATA Evaluation which will show an Add option over the button as shown below-

The system will redirect the user to evaluation form, wherein all the details for call information category will be auto populated. 
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