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Canned Response Icon

Canned response is a preset repository of questions or answers. This feature helps the users to fetch the questions from repository rather than to type them manually. Admin has the option to feed the questions in canned response as and when required.  


This feature is denoted by the icon Canned response icon and is located just next to the spell checker icon in the Create Evaluation screen as shown-

Canned response icon 3

Clicking Canned Response icon will open up a Canned Response window which is shown as follows-

Canned Response window

The user can select the question based upon the set categories. When the question is selected from the screen, the pre-set answer gets visible on the message box located below in the window as shown-

Canned Response window 1

For the selected question 1 in the box above in the screen, the relative answer is displayed in the message box below in the window.

Click Add button 1 button to add the answer in the Create Evaluation screen.  

Also check on Canned Response for more information.

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