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Evaluation Search

To view Evaluation Search, go to Evaluate > Search Evaluation and the following screen appears.

The other two fields are added to the screen as soon as the entries are made for Client Name, Program Name and Evaluation Form namely-Category Name, Question along with the ” Answer” field as shown highlighted in the next screen-


Manage evaluation 4


Screen Elements


Client Name

Select the client name from dropdown list. Once selected, Program names and Evaluation form are loaded for the selected client.

Program name

Select the Program name from the dropdown list, loaded for the respective client.

Evaluation form

Select the Evaluation form for the respective client and program name.

Category Name

Enter the type of category needed for evaluation from dropdown box


Select the type of question that appears in the dropdown box for the corresponding Category Name


Select the answer for the entered question in the field. The answer search field may display variable answer options as per the type of question selected in the field.

Evaluation ID

Enter the Evaluation ID based on which the form should be searched.

Evaluation Status

Select the evaluation status from the dropdown list.

Available Options:

•Not Evaluated

•In Process



Select the agent from the options which appear as you start typing.

Start Date

Select the start date to search evaluation.

End Date

Select the end date till which the evaluation should be searched.

Evaluation Date

Select to search on the basis of evaluation date.

Call Date

Select to search on the basis of call date.

Modified Date

Select to search on the basis of modified date.

Telephone # / Session ID

Enter telephone or session ID based on which evaluation can be searched.



Enter score from number.


Enter score to number.


Select partner from the dropdown list.

Click Search button to search evaluation and the following screen appears.

The page displays a grid containing a list of evaluations from where one can update, delete, print and view evaluations.

One can export the evaluations in Excel and CSV format only.

Click Update to update the evaluation and the following screen appears.


Evaluation form

Evaluation Form 

Upload/ Link Call recordings:

  • Call recordings can be uploaded or the links can be submitted.
  • To upload calls, click Choose File.
  • Click the Upload check box.


  • Click “Link to Call recording” to provide link of the call recording path.
  • Click the Upload check box.

Note: Calls are uploaded only if the Upload check box is selected.

Once the changes are done, click Submit button to save and submit the form or click cancel button to go back to the previous screen.

On clicking submit a confirmatory message stating confirmatory message evaluate is displayed below the search button.







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