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Import / Export Canned Response

This page helps an admin to create  canned responses by downloading the pre designed template from QEval system. Once created, an admin can upload the canned responses using import function. Similarly, an admin has the option to export the canned response sets by export button.

Click Import-Export Canned Response button to import or export the canned response set and the following screen appears.

Import-Export Canned Response 1

Import/Export Canned Response screen

 Under Import Canned Responses:

Click Download Template button to download the template. Add the canned response list following the same format of the downloaded template and save it in the desired location in .CSV format only.

Click  button to select the required .CSV file from the saved location.

Click  button and the file will be imported. The canned responses and the menus will be displayed under Add/Edit Canned Responses section.

Under Export Canned Responses:

Click button to export the canned responses field.

Save the file at suitable location for further use.

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