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Copy Parameter

The users will be able to copy the existing questions from a form or category to the new category. The module Copy Parameter allows this functionality. The authorized user needs to select Manage>Forms and the following module will appear on the screen-

Select Client Name and Program from the provided field and the system will display list of form names as shown in the below screen-

Copy Parameter 2(1)

Select a form and choose Design from the option as shown boxed in the below screen-

Copy Parameter 3(1)

On selecting the design option for the selected form, the following screen will be redirected by the system-

Check the Copy Question functionality shown boxed in the above screen. When the user selects this option, the following changes will occur on the same screen as shown below-

Copy Parameter 6

The columns shown boxed in the above screen are the provided options which the user needs to select to copy the question from an existing form.

  • Client Name Select the client name from the dropdown box.
  • Program Name– Select the program name from the dropdown box.
  • Evaluation Form Name Select the evaluation form name.
  • Question Get the question from the list
  • Copy to Category Copy the selected question to the desired category of the present form. For instance, here the above screen shown is from the form “testEmail”. So the user needs to copy the selected question in any of the desired category of “testEmail”.

Once entries are made in all the above fields, click Copy Parameter 7 button and the question will be copied in the desired category of the form.

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