User Manual

Search Sub Program

Click Search tab to search a particular sub-program and the following screen appears.

Newly Added Sub-Program

Search Sub-Program Screen

• The page displays a search criteria based on which one can search a particular sub-program. A sub-program can be searched on the basis of selected criteria i.e. Program Name, Location, Credit and Status.

• The page also displays a grid containing all the existing sub-programs from where one can edit or delete a particular sub-program.

Edit Sub-Program

Click Edit Icon icon to edit a particular  sub-program and the following screen appears.

Edit Sub-Program

Edit Sub-Program Screen

Admin can edit sub-program name, credit and its status from the grid itself. Once the changes are done, perform any one of the actions from below.

• Click Update icon to update the changes made and a confirmatory message as shown below appears.

Message- Sub-Program Updated Successfully.

Message box screen

• Click OK button to update the sub-program.

• Click Cancel icon to discard the changes made.

• Click delete icon que icon to delete sub-program and a confirmatory message as shown below appears.

Message-Sub-Program Delete1

Message box screen

• Click OK button button to continue deletion or click Cancel button button to cancel the process. On clicking OK button button the following message appears.


Message-Sub-Program Delete2

Message box screen


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