User Manual

Search Program

A search program helps an admin to search active or inactive programs from QEval system. The admin has the option to search all the clients for a particular program or to search all the programs. The page also allows an admin to edit or delete the details for program. 

Click Search tab to search a particular program and the following screen appears.

Search Program Screen

• The page displays a search criteria based on which one can search a particular program. A program can be searched on the basis of selected criteria i.e. Client Name or Program Name or Type or Status or combination of any of the selected criteria.

• The page also displays a grid containing all the existing programs from where one can perform various activities like:

Edit a particular Program.

Edit Program

• Click Edit Icon icon to edit a particular program and the following screen appears.

Edit Program Screen

• Once, the changes are made click Update Button button and the following confirmatory message appears.

Message- Program Updated Successfully.

Message Box

• Click OK button to update the program.

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