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Dispute from Agent

This is the process where an agent could accept the evaluation made for him or can decline by raising a dispute.

When an evaluation is made from the verifier against a particular agent, he will be able to view the same by My Universe>My Evaluation. The following screen will appear to the user-

Agent screen(1)

Making the entries as required, the user needs to click Submit button button and the system will redirect to the list of evaluation(s). This is as shown in the screen below-

Agent screen2(1)

The given list includes all the details of the evaluation made for the agent. Click on the view icon to check the evaluation done by the verifier. The following screen will be redirected to the user-

Agent screen3(1)

The listed elements and fields in the above screen will remain disabled for the agent. After viewing the evaluation made by the verifier, in case if the agent wishes to decline with the evaluation, he can do the same by scrolling down on the same screen as shown-

Agent screen4

Consider the “Review/Dispute Information” boxed in above screen. As the agent selects the “Dispute” radio button, he will be able to provide dispute comments with his electronic signature and electronic signature date. Click on Submit button button after making entries. The following message will appear from the webpage-

Agent screen5

On clicking “OK” button the browser will redirect to the list of evaluation(s) screen where the updated status of the disputed screen would be shown as-

Agent screen6

The disputed status is shown boxed in the above screen.

The disputes made by the agent are reflected to agent’s supervisor account. In order to view the disputed made by agent, the supervisor needs to click on My Universe>My Disputes. The agent’s dispute will be seen in the list of disputes as shown boxed in the screen below-

Agent screen7

On clicking the EvaluationID, the supervisor can view the disputed evaluation of the agent as shown in the screen below-

supervisor screen

The screen shows a “Supervisor Dispute Status” where the user have the three options for the disputed decision made by the agent. It includes-

  • Disputed
  • Supervisor agree
  • Supervisor disagree

The screen above shows that the Supervisor agrees with the decision of agent.  As soon as the Submit button button is clicked, the browser will show the following message-

supervisor screen1

The system redirects back to the My Disputes screen of the Supervisor, where the status of “disputed” made by agent changes to the following as shown-

supervisor screen3

Now as per the process, the dispute status made by agent’s supervisor is escalated to the QA Supervisor of the Verifier who did the evaluation.

A QA Supervisor can view the disputes at My Universe>My Disputes. The system will redirect to the following screen-

supervisor screen4

To view the evaluation, the QA Supervisor needs to click on the respective Evaluation ID of the report and the following screen will be redirected-

supervisor screen5

There are two decisions mentioned for the QA Supervisor, either to accept the dispute or decline.

  • In case if QA Supervisor agrees with the dispute then the process is closed
  • If QA Supervisor disagrees with the dispute then the next step includes face-to-face discussion between QA Supervisor and the agent’s supervisor after which the process gets closed.  
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