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Top Features to Look for in a Call Center Quality Monitoring Software

While choosing a call center quality monitoring software, here are some of the features to look for.

Leveraging Data & Analytics for Motivating Contact Center Agents

Contact center agents are brand representatives playing a pivotal role in maintaining customer satisfaction and driving customer success for the brands.

How Speech Analytics is Transforming Contact Center Operations

Speech analytics serves as a foundation for continuous improvement in contact center operations.

How Technology and Insights can be used to Optimize Call Center Performance

Call centers have come a long way from just merely being an answering service for customers a few decades back, to now being a strategic customer engagement unit for leading brands. The disruption in telecommunications, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence backed speech analytics Big Data analytics and Machine Learning has forced contact center processes to go […]

7 Ways to Reduce Customer Effort and Churn

Customer Acquisition is critical for every business and without a steady inflow of customers, brands cannot grow and scale. From big to small, every business strives hard to earn new customers while simultaneously retaining their existing ones. Some level of dissatisfaction is unavoidable in every organization so if a business is keen on growing at […]

How to Effectively Manage CX at Each Customer Journey Touchpoint?

Delivering positive customer service experiences at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey is vital to building a brand and rising over the competition. For exceeding customers’ expectations, brands must understand the customer’s perspectives, requirements, and expectations. This can be done by mapping the customer journey touchpoints and continuously fine-tuning them. What are customer journey touchpoints? […]

How to measure customer sentiments through interaction analytics

Identifying customer sentiments has always been the priority for enterprises, as the majority of customers’ decisions are based on how they feel and think about a brand. Through this, brands can decide their business and market strategies and achieve a high customer satisfaction rate. When approached correctly, customer sentiment analysis provides ground-breaking results, making a […]

How to build a Data-Driven Culture in your Organization

With the increasing use of digital technologies, organizations are generating a lot of data. Decisions, when taken based on data, generate confidence among the team and act as a reference to fine-tune the decision-making process. However, organizations are failing to successfully adopt data technology due to reasons that aren’t technical; but cultural. It is not […]

Improve Customer Retention Rate In Call Centers

Happy and satisfied customers are the base of every successful business. For the majority of businesses, repeat customers are an important factor that keeps them growing. Retaining customers is far better than acquiring new ones citing the time, energy, and resources to be spent. According to research, acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more […]


Contact centers have quickly become more strategic about performance enhancement processes within their organizations. They bridge the gap between an organization and its customers. Essentially, contact centers are primarily set up to handle inbound and outbound communication with existing and prospective customers. Contact centers are the first touch point for customers when learning more about […]

7 Ways an Integrated Speech Analytics Solution Redefine Your CX?

Customer experience is the golden thread connecting all interactions between your brand and your customers. The way you treat your customer ultimately determines whether they will become loyal to your brand. The more they are treated well, the more likely they will come back to you. Understanding and measuring customer experience has become a key […]

How To Build Trust Using Data Analytics

Every function within an organization generates a lake full of data. It’s now up to organizations to decide whether this data will flow freely, irrigate critical decisions made by the organization, or just stagnantly sit idle. Most organizations are still dependent on experience-based decision-making, with executives having decades of functional & domain expertise. However, experience […]

How to effectively build a Speech Analytics Solution for your Contact Center?

From manually listening to a handful of calls, to real-time monitoring 100% of customer interactions, call center quality assurance has come a long way. Rather than just being a function of listening to customer calls and rating agent behavior, contact center quality monitoring has expanded into becoming a strategic function which empowers customer service departments […]

Call Center Quality Monitoring

Emerging technology is disrupting many business processes. With the arrival of Industry 4.0, call centers are not only responsible for responding to customers on calls, but also on live chat, email and social media interactions. Different types of customer interactions require an innovative approach to call center quality monitoring. The quality assurance process in call […]

What Is The Role Of Speech Analytics For An Effective Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Speech Analytics is one of the most remarkable technologies in today’s marketplace. In the contact center industry, it plays a significant role to automate the process of analyzing a large amount of customer interaction data that helps identify patterns and take actions to improve agent performance This remarkable technology helps enlighten the call centers and […]

What Are The Best Quality Monitoring Practices In The Contact Center Industry?

Quality Monitoring needs to be the cornerstone of your call center management efforts. If you optimize quality monitoring practices, it will help you enhance the quality of the service your contact center provides to its customers, increase their efficiency and reduce wasteful spending. The benefits of optimizing your call center quality monitoring practices can help […]