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What, Why and How of Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Call Center Quality Monitoring

Emerging technology is disrupting many business processes. With the arrival of Industry 4.0, call centers are not only responsible for responding to customers on calls, but also on live chat, email and social media interactions. Different types of customer interactions require an innovative approach to call center quality monitoring.

The quality assurance process in call centers has come a long way from the antiquated days of simply “checking a box” to the era of real-time quality monitoring and predictive analytics.

A call center’s quality monitoring program plays a major role in improving agent performance, identifies key insights for upscaling business performance, empowers organization with data-driven strategic decisions, listening to the voice of customer and much more.

There are numerous ways organizations can leverage the latest call quality monitoring tools for scaling their business growth. Let’s see how.

Improving business performance with call quality monitoring

The transformation of the call center into the contact center requires upgrading the call center’s technological infrastructure. With millennials making up a large percentage of the customer base, organizations must understand their preferences, buying behavior and how they interact with any brand.

With the growing number of avid social media users, brands are exploring new channels for interacting with their customers. In order to deliver a consistent brand experience across all of the customer touchpoints, utilizing the correct contact center quality monitoring solution for all types of interactions is now a necessity.

Upgrading the call center’s quality assurance process is not a destination to be reached, but rather a journey of continuous optimization and improvement.

QEval Journey to Build the Future of Quality

QEval Journey to Build the Future of Quality

Here is the journey for upgrading the call center quality assurance process

  • Centralize & automate quality monitoring: The first step is to stop using ‘Excel’ for call center quality and upgrade to a quality monitoring software designed for call centers that allows you to get an overview of the entire call center’s performance on a single screen. It saves time spent in coordination with teams and digging in emails for understanding what is happening in the contact center.
  • Identify opportunities & root causes: After centralizing & automating quality monitoring, the next step is to identify areas for improvement. By determining the key parameters influencing CX, organizations can provide necessary coaching to empower their frontline.
  • Data-driven strategic decisions: When reaching this step, organizations will have visibility of their contact center performance and are empowering their workers. Now is the time to leverage upon the reports & analytics, by using them for taking strategic decisions.
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure: By this step, the benefits of upgrading quality monitoring process will be clearly visible. Now, the organization should look forward to integrating the quality software with other tech stacks. Speech analytics, Learning Management System, CTI, etc. are some of the applications that can be used in combination with the quality software.
  • VOC Analytics: Integrating quality monitoring solution with speech analytics allows organizations to listen to the voice of customer. With the power of Artificial intelligence in speech analytics, organizations can identify customer sentiments, their effort while interacting with their workers and monitor agent performance at various customer touch points. VOC analytics provide detailed insights for improving the customer service experience.
  • Improving Overall CX: After putting in all the efforts for upgrading call center’s quality assurance process and making it a success, it is not the destination. We’re in the 21st Century and customer behavior is constantly evolving. Organizations should constantly engage in the process of fine-tuning their quality monitoring methodologies for always staying the preferred brand of choice for customers.

Bridging the gap between Performance monitoring and Performance management


Performance Management

Don’t just stop at monitoring agent performance. Take a step ahead and identify root causes responsible for critical behavior. Provide feedback & recommendations for improvements to agents, keep a track of their training & coaching performance, record their commitment, check coaching effectiveness and ensure overall development of contact center.

A good quality monitoring program doesn’t stop at identifying agent performance issues. Organizations must prepare targeted training and coaching programs for constantly improving agent performance.

A learning management system integrated with quality monitoring program can do wonders. Focus on preparing training content into short chunks of information delivered in fun and engaging activities. With example-based learning you can explain the complete scenario to the agents and ensure they begin self-learning at a click.

In the 21st Century, it’s necessary that an organization’s agent coaching is innovative and exciting. Millennials make up the majority of agents right now, and their way of learning and adapting to things is different than the traditional coaching methods. So, prepare your contact center for the future!

Optimize contact center performance with Speech analytics

Call center speech analytics is a valuable tool for boosting customer satisfaction rates and improving the contribution to the organization’s success. Customers share a lot of information, frustration, competitor insights while interacting with your agents But,

Are you capturing voice of customer insights and putting it to right use?

Speech analytics in combination with artificial intelligence identifies key parameters driving CX by identifying the voice of customer insights. These insights can further be utilized for agent coaching, measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, optimizing sales efficiency, risk & compliance tracking, identifying opportunities to cross-sell and upsell etc.

Here are some benefits of speech analytics contributing to improved contact center performance.

  • Improving CX
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing profitability
  • Monitoring and coaching frontline
  • Decrease customer attrition
  • Boost revenue

Despite the benefits it provides, organizations face many challenges in adoption of advanced speech analytics.

“Companies without advanced analytics are leaving significant customer-service improvements on the table. Only 37 percent of organizations feel that they are using advanced analytics to create value; this finding reveals significant missed opportunity.”

–  How advanced analytics can help contact centers put the customer first, McKinsey

That’s why it is crucial choose the right technology partner for speech analytics.

Upgrading Technology to replace Humans? – Artificial Intelligence can’t go without Human Intelligence

There is always a buzz going around that automation is killing jobs, but that is not true! Humans will always be required to manage, measure and monitor systems.

Technology is an enabler and not a driver for business transformation.

Technology makes human work more strategic, efficient and it allows us to make the correct decisions at the right time. AI can only get you the data and insights. Humans are crucial links between pinpointing customer needs and developmental weaknesses among team members. The human element is the key to instituting actionable coaching and development plans to spur continued improvements.

Read: Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence – The ‘Winning Formula’ to deliver remarkable customer experience

The key to continued success and growth for any company lies in embracing new advancements in AI technologies while realizing the importance of utilizing human intelligence. An effective way to deliver 360-degree customer experience is having a perfect blend of AI + HI. AI carries no significance without being paired with HI.


Quality monitoring in call center is constantly evolving. It is necessary for the organizations to quickly adapt the emerging technologies to get a competitive edge and becoming a preferred brand of choice for customers.

Etech Global Services provides quality monitoring and analytics solutions to some of the leading brands of the world. With over 20+ years in the business, Etech has a strategic blend of people, process, and technology that helps deliver our clients a quality customer experience consistently.

Contact us today so we can help you achieve your business goals.

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