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Analyze, Coach, Track, Improve and Predict Performance in One Platform

360 Agent Evaluation

Create an evaluation from scratch or copy from an existing one. With QEval’s intuitive builder, get flexible options for measuring the quality of any type interaction with the combination of standard numeric, blind scoring, weight base, non-numeric or holistic scorecard, that meets requirements of contact centers of all sizes.

Automated Scorecards

Evaluate & analyze 100% of your customer interactions including calls, emails, chat, social media responses, complaint handling etc. Agents can view their performance on 100% of interactions with an automated scorecard instantly. Understand performance trends in real time while generating analytics that stabilize and optimize agent performance and customer experiences.

Maintain Quality Monitoring Accuracy

Utilize effective calibration methodologies and ensure consistency in quality evaluations from within the platform. Build trust & confidence in your team, measure variance, enhance evaluation accuracy, and identify improvement areas in the quality team with QEval.

Suite of 50+ Real-Time Reports

Measure performance of teams at all levels of organization located anywhere in the world. Drill down data at location, program, campaign, team, supervisor, or agent level, to identify where to focus development efforts. QEval provides a broad lens view of performance, identifies areas where team is struggling or performing exceptionally well, determines key trends and parameters impacting CX or agent experience.

 Identify Opportunities and Root Causes

Utilize insights to identify key strengths and opportunities for your frontline team. Stop coaching from the position of “right/wrong” , start leading from a perspective of creating the most effective and frictionless agent experience that sustains staffing and performance. Move beyond traditional QA scorecards to uncover insightful agent coaching, root our detractive behaviors and manage quality performance for any level of organization and ensure continuous performance improvement.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time dashboards provide a single view of the most important performance metrics for an organization. Compare performance or predict future outcome based on current performance.

Agent Coaching on Specific Parameters

With focused self-learning capabilities and targeted performance improvement, training can be assigned to enhance sales and service-centric behaviors. Featuring built in Tactical Warehouse, supervisors can track and monitor coaching effectiveness. Supervisors get alerts to ensure coaching sessions are followed up and improvement is tracked.

Good Call Library

A built-in centralized library of demonstrated best practices and exemplary customer service experiences makes coaching effortless.

Measure Training Outcome

Agents can respond to feedback from their supervisor by simply adding their comment and either reviewing or declining the comment. They can also rate the coaching provided by the supervisor on a scale of 0 to 5 based on coaching impact. Supervisors can view the agent’s comments and submit it for an entire closed-loop process.

Access to Quality Evaluations

QEval gives agents access to their quality evaluations, intuitive performance dashboard and enables them to review their performance. Increase your coaches span of influence and agent engagement with coaching tips, feedback, and a transparent evaluation process. Utilize the dispute feature to maintain quality and agent confidence.

Continuous Performance Improvement

Keep a track of agent performance trends, benchmark performance on KPIs and engage in continuous learning opportunities. Identify and reward the top performers, highlight areas of improvement, monitor coaching impact, record agent feedback, and consistently improve agent performance.

Benchmark Performance with KPIs

Measure and manage agent’s key performance behaviors. Create custom KPIs for monitoring & benchmarking agent performance on key parameters. Combine multiple KPIs for the entire team, and track them on a single window from the KPI dashboard.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate Etech’s QEval with any CRM, call recording system, or dialing platforms and get access to real-time monitoring, advanced reports & analytics, and near-instant alerts.

Speech Analytics

With AI-Based speech analytics, listen to the voice of customers, gather insights, and determine agent performance by mining 100% of customer interactions effortlessly. Bridge the gap between brand’s perception and customer expectations by gauging sentiment without the hassle of surveys and understand population level efficiency drivers that impact capacity and other operating costs.

Digital Learning

Ensure continuous performance improvement with integrated digital learning platform. QEval is software agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated with any learning management system of your choice.


Secure Cloud Hosted Platform

QEval is hosted in a secured cloud environment following best-in-class ISO 27001:2013, ISMS policies for data security management. All the data stored in QEval, is end-to-end encrypted and our team adheres to all compliance measures to prevent any data breaches.

Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of compliance violations with QEval. With real-time quality monitoring, we ensure near-instant alerts for critical processes and custom alerts. Additionally, automatically track compliance performance and reduce the possibility of risk.

Performance Alerts

Monitor strategic behaviors and get instant performance alerts delivered to your inbox. Etech’s QEval alerts you in the moment when an agent starts performing below your threshold with detailed feedback enabling your coaches to focus on what matters, when it matters.


QEval Integrates Seamlessly with any Legacy System


Seamlessly integrate Etech’s QEval with speech & text analytics platforms, CRM, call recording systems or dialing platforms and get access to real-time monitoring, advanced reports & analytics, and near-instant alerts to team members.

Integration resolves the challenges of evolving business dynamics that demands flexibility & compatibility with different platforms. With over 24+ M quality monitoring evaluations every year, QEval delivers an integrated contact center quality monitoring infrastructure, using proven methodologies for addressing all your compliance needs in a completely secure hosted platform.

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Coaching Recommendations:

Insights for Improvement
Training Needs Analysis and Identification
Client Process Recommendations: VOC Analysis
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Drivers
Insights for Strategic Decisions

Our Client Speaks – On Etech’s QEval

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The reporting feature is great. I can see an agent overall performance in a snapshot for the whole year as well as filter the reporting by score-card category.

Supervisor of Customer Service, Oil & Energy

I like that I can run reports on individuals and teams as a whole.

Lead - Customer Service Representative, Utilities

It really takes the guess work out of creating quality evaluations.

General Manager, Consumer Services

It is very easy to search for the agents to locate the scores for selected dates.

Call Center Lead, Information Services

It is very user friendly. The agents here seem to like that they can receive immediate feedback on calls being evaluated.

Customer Care Lead, Higher Education

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