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What Is The Role Of Speech Analytics For An Effective Call Center Quality Monitoring?

What Is The Role Of Speech Analytics For An Effective Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Speech Analytics is one of the most remarkable technologies in today’s marketplace. In the contact center industry, it plays a significant role to automate the process of analyzing a large amount of customer interaction data that helps identify patterns and take actions to improve agent performance

This remarkable technology helps enlighten the call centers and agents who play the primary role to consistently deliver exceptional customer experience.Undoubtedly, agents have the utmost power to create a trusted customer base for your call center or leave them frustrated and unhappy.

According to Microsoft, 96% of customers say customer service is an important aspect when it comes to their choice of being loyal to a brand. So it’s crucial that call centers try to figure out effective ways to improve their customer experience from time to time. Speech analytics incorporated perfect strategy to better serve customers with an efficient quality monitoring software like QEvalPro makes a remarkable combination that helps to take the customer experience for your clients to the next level.

Speech Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are two such revolutionizing technologies today that play a significant role to upgrade and innovate the process of delivering remarkable customer experience, promoting potent call center quality assurance by addressing three serious QA issues:

  • Analyzing a larger data set
  • Identifying a wide range of scenarios
  • Automatic scoring of agent performance

What Is The Role Of Speech Analytics For An Effective Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Etech’s QEvalPro has been develop using the latest technology and it can seamlessly integrate with any speech and text analytics platform, CRM, call recording system, or dialing platforms to get access to real-time monitoring, advanced reports, and analytics, and near-instant alerts to team members. Click here to know how Etech’s proprietary quality monitoring software, QEvalPro, can take your contact center quality monitoring to the next level.

How does Speech Analytics Technology Help Transform Call Center QA?

The dramatic transformation of call center quality management programs that we have seen in recent times is greatly because of speech analytics technology. It has become so popular due to its great potential to efficiently and seamlessly identify different pain points, difficulties that customers face while contacting customer service, and various instantaneous customer experience problems that need quick resolution.

How does Speech Analytics Technology Help Transform Call Center QA?

The modern-day technological advancements have made call center quality monitoring even smarter today by significantly improving the quality, accuracy, and importance of crucial touch points that we get from speech analytics tools.

For a few years, call center experts believed the smarter technologies like speech analytics and artificial intelligence can alone transform the quality monitoring of customer interactions. But we are now not unaware anymore that if your contact center aims to completely leverage the benefits of speech analytics tools, you should use these in combination with human intelligence. It will help you explore the detailed insights that you will gain with the help of the technology, identify different quality monitoring challenges, and craft effective solutions that can rightly address them.

How do speech analytics and human-assisted call center quality monitoring work together to do wonders?

It is an automatic ability of the speech analytics technology to review every customer interaction once it has been recorded and then translate it into machine-readable text. This helps today’s contact center managers to understand and identify the trends of different customer interactions while mining unstructured voice data. They can then theoretically use the speech analytics technology to interpret the text data and understand the performance of agents and how they are interacting with the customers.

How do speech analytics and human-assisted call center quality monitoring work together to do wonders?

One of the best features of speech analytics because of which organizations are tempted to use it nowadays is its ability to mine 100% of calls that a call center receives, not just a small sample! It is a highly useful aspect in the case of a strong union environment or the regulated compliance industry. The enormous breadth and depth of data that a speech analytics tool provides helps call centers analyze and resolve customer problems and identify what the customers prefer, improving customer loyalty remarkably and creating bottom-line results. But what call centers should keep in mind is that to make the most out of speech analytics technology, it has to be always incorporated with a great QA process that can effectively monitor and score calls.

In the nutshell, why speech analytics has become such a crucial technology in today’s contact center industry is because we need to be more precise and prompt in measuring call center agent performance. Research says, 72% of companies think speech analytics can improve agent performance and take customer experience to the next level.

How Can You Integrate Speech Analytics with Your Call Center Quality Monitoring Process?

The effective three-phase process in which speech analytics can be integrated with your call center quality monitoring process is:

How Can You Integrate Speech Analytics with Your Call Center Quality Monitoring Process?

Categorization of Calls

Automated call categorization through machine learning is the foremost and crucial step to be performed if you wish to leverage the speech analytics technology in your call center. This step is all about tagging customer interactions based on language patterns, keywords, phrases, or other characteristics to identify topics, patterns, customer tone, and other variables. This gives meaning to unstructured voice communication that helps quality managers improve agent performance.

Call Scoring

Call scoring is the next step of integrating speech analytics technology with your call center’s quality monitoring process. Speech Analytics automates the call scoring process where algorithms classify calls based on the results that you have set up before (such as hot lead, upset customer, rude agent, etc.) This can help quality monitoring managers get real-time feedback for agents after every interaction. What managers should do in this phase is review the automatic scores generated by the technology to identify where agents need to improve so they deliver a memorable customer experience all the time. Managers need to keep an eye on the accuracy of the speech analytics software at this stage to ensure the scores can be completely trusted for coaching and empowering agents.

Real-Time QA System Training

In this step, the objective is to map a scorecard based on the results of the above two steps that signify specific success benchmarks for customers and processes in your organization. It is crucial for call centers to keep these standards defined so agents get the right scripts in the organization and have a better understanding of the apt keywords and other details to be used. With this step, training opportunities for agents, processes, and behaviors that can lead to the successful delivery of effortless customer experience in a call center, etc. become quickly identifiable.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, integrating speech analytics with your call center’s quality monitoring process can be the ‘winning formula’ to give rise to happy and satisfied customers. This revolutionizing technology can be used effectively for compliance and automation to increase call center quality monitoring efficiency. But, speech analytics should not be used alone. The best results can be reaped when it works along with human intelligence and is integrated with a smart quality monitoring software.

Contact us now to leverage QEvalPro as the quality monitoring software for your contact center that can help you gain access to critical business, marketing, and competitor insights with advanced reports and analytics and take your call center quality monitoring to the next level.

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