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How Technology and Insights can be used to Optimize Call Center Performance

How Technology and Insights can be used to Optimize Call Center Performance

Call centers have come a long way from just merely being an answering service for customers a few decades back, to now being a strategic customer engagement unit for leading brands. The disruption in telecommunications, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence backed speech analytics Big Data analytics and Machine Learning has forced contact center processes to go through major changes.

The latest technologies have contributed immensely to transforming the role of call centers and turning them into a strategic division for leading brands to improve their overall brand experience. In this blog, we will be discussing how advanced quality monitoring & analytics solutions are reshaping call centers.

Call center quality monitoring & analytics solutions function on the operating principle of Identity – Fix – Monitor – Optimize. With the help of these technologies,

  1. Identify the Brand’s Shortcomings & Agent Opportunities
  2. Fix Brand Approach & Agent Performance Issues
  3. Monitor & Fine-Tune Updated Offerings
  4. Continuous Optimization to Improve Overall Experience

Let us look at these areas in detail:

How QEval improves Agent as well as Customer Experience?

With assistance from the latest speech analytics technology, brands can scan through 100% of customer interactions. QEval automates the data collection and analysis process to help businesses streamline their operations and improve overall contact center efficiency. Here is an overview of leveraging QEval for contact center quality monitoring.

1. Automate Data Collection and Analysis

QEval automates the mundane tasks of compiling statistics across multiple data points, analyzing them in Excel, and creating user-friendly dashboards. The manual process requires accessing multiple spreadsheets across locations, campaigns, teams, and supervisors.

With the assistance of QEval, you can free up the responsibilities of your Data Analysis team, who can now focus on understanding insights rather than applying formulas on Excel spreadsheets.

2. Efficient Data Management

QEval provides a sole source of truth for all data, which makes it easier to manage and analyze data across the organization. It eliminates duplicate data entry and streamlines business processes, resulting in increased efficiency and time savings.

Customers can create unlimited evaluation forms, allowing them to record agent performance on a custom field of their choice. Based on agent evaluation, QEval further provides real-time insights into business performance, allowing decision-makers to make data-driven decisions and quickly adjust their strategies.

3. Multi-Software User Team

QEval combines the power of contact center quality monitoring, speech and text analytics, and business intelligence software in one simple user-friendly interface. Hence, instead of juggling between different tech stacks and a team of experts, organizations can focus on identifying insights that are impacting your overall performance.

QEval’s integrated tech stack facilitates collaboration among team members, allowing them to work together more effectively and efficiently. By consolidating multiple technology solutions into one, businesses can save money on software licensing, maintenance, training, and also support costs.

4. Fixing Agent Performance Issues

Etech’s insights team analyzes customer interactions by leveraging speech analytics. Our team then identifies critical insights from these agent interactions and provides recommendations to improve agent performance and overall benchmarks of the campaign.

Here is the overview of some of these recommendations and how we apply this at scale:

a. Analyzing & Coaching Agents on Critical Behaviors

Etech believes that agent performance is not just a score. We go beyond traditional quality monitoring principles and focus on agent behaviors that are critical in order to drive success. This end-to-end quality monitoring approach not only earns a good deal of revenue for our customers but also improves agent performance by leaps.

b. Self-Service Analytics

With self-service analytics, Etech analyzes communication or call reasons that can be automated via an automated chatbot or IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This allows contact centers to optimize call routing and ensure customers receive quick responses. It also allows call center agents to focus on specific conversations that require human assistance.

c. Recommended Script, Rebuttals & Call Flow

After analyzing customer behavior and responses, Etech’s team identifies gaps in agent behavior and training. Etech then provides recommendations on improving the call flow and recommends effective rebuttals to customer objections. Etech can also prepare entire scripts that agents can follow when on a call with customers.

d. Product & Service Optimization

Product and service optimization helps call centers achieve their business goals by aligning product and service offerings with company objectives. By leveraging data and analytics, call centers can identify areas of potential growth and align their product and service offerings to meet those objectives. This leads to increased revenue and a surge in profitability.

e. Real-Time Performance Alerts

Etech’s QEval enables you to monitor strategic behaviors and receives instant performance alerts directly in your inbox. Whenever an agent’s performance falls below your predetermined threshold, you will be alerted in real-time with detailed feedback, which allows coaches to focus on addressing issues promptly and effectively. With QEval, you can stay on top of what matters, precisely when it matters.

Why QEval for Contact Center Quality Monitoring?

Etech’s QEval integrates with speech analytics and business Intelligence as well as different technology solutions to facilitate an easy flow of data. This creates custom interactive dashboards based on the metrics that matter most to the organization.

QEval addresses several challenges, including resolving data silos, automating data analysis, and displaying key metrics and trends that impact contact center operations. In the absence of a solution like QEval, organizations may miss critical data points or trends. QEval simplifies the process of analysis and provides a comprehensive view of key information.

QEval empowers organizations to stay ahead of the curve in customer service, identifying areas for improvement, anticipating future needs, and proactively addressing issues before they become major problems. It optimizes customer service operations, increases efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does QEval stand out from the competition?

QEval stands out from the competition in several ways that make it a truly unique product. This includes:

  • Real-time evaluation: QEval uses advanced AI technologies to evaluate customer interactions in real-time, enabling agents to receive immediate feedback and coaching to improve their performance.
  • Comprehensive analysis: QEval analyzes various aspects of customer interactions, such as the recording voice of customer insights, and looks into customer sentiments which provides a comprehensive view of the customer experience.
  • Self-service user interface: QEval provides a self-service user interface with dynamic and interactive tabular displays, scorecards, visualizations, and dashboards that can scale limitlessly, making it easy for users to analyze data and identify insights.
  • Cost-effective: QEval provides practical and cost-effective ways to solve business problems and enhance opportunities, making it an affordable solution for organizations of all sizes.

QEval is a valuable tool for contact centers and organizations looking to improve their customer service and make data-driven decisions. Its unique features, such as real-time evaluation, comprehensive analysis, and a no-code self-service user interface make QEval stand out from the competition. QEval also uses advanced analytics capabilities, cloud-agnostic deployment, and cost-effectiveness to provide a product that is like no other.

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