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Automated Machine Learning Driven Platform to Manage Contact Center Quality, Performance & CX

Enhance your Quality Monitoring with AI-Powered Speech Analytics

In this age of disruption, you should not need 10 different tech stacks and a team of experts to understand what is happening in your contact center. QEval Speech is an all-inclusive solution powered by the best-in-class ASR technology.

With QEval, we aim to empowers every business with a single solution to analyze 100% of their interactions effortlessly. Listen to every call in the contact center, understand agents’ behavior, customers’ expectations, product feedback, and process insights automatically. QEval Speech allows you to mine 100% of your interactions, get actionable insights in real time, and manage agent performance within one platform. QEval helps bridge the gap between brand’s perception and customer expectations.


Evaluate & recognize frontline

QEval Speech determines performance at different organizational levels. This allows quality evaluation for most customer interactions, provides an overview of individual agent performance, team performance, campaign, or center performance on a single screen.
This streamlines the process of providing constructive feedback and identifying top performers. Recognition, appreciation, and constructive feedback strengthens employee experience and motivates the team to deliver a consistent brand experience every time.

Enable data-driven decision making

Leverage the power of data-driven decision making to ensure continual growth of your organization, predict future trends, optimize business processes, create new opportunities, and generate more revenue. QEval features a suite of 30+ real-time reports that improves decision making based on data, analytics, and actionable business insights from the reports.
With integrated speech & text analytics, 100% of customer interactions across all communication channels can be logged, analyzed, and retained for understanding customer expectations, essential business insights, and delivering them with superior customer experiences.
Enable data-driven decision making
Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

QEval Speech bridges the gap between brand and customer expectations with the easy flow of information across the software. QEval demonstrates customer interaction information on a single platform and empowers organizations to listen to the voice of customers.
Acting on the voice of customer analytics and gauging insights such as customer effort score, customer sentiment analysis, and customer journey analytics, organizations can meet and exceed their customer’s expectations and ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Boost team productivity

Empower your teams with the best lessons at the right time. With speech analytics, organizations can identify the areas where the frontline team is facing challenges and making mistakes. These insights empower organizations to design custom training programs for the frontline agents and improve their performance.
With all customer interactions being monitored, organizations can also build a repository of good calls that resulted in good sales conversion or better customer experiences and use them to train other contact center agents.
Compliance adherence
Boost team productivity

Compliance adherence

Monitoring 100% of customer interactions assists with 360° automated compliance monitoring. All the interactions are logged, analyzed, and retained; therefore, all the legal, regulatory, or business obligations can be tracked and any breach of conduct can be avoided or resolved in time to prevent any damage to brand reputation.
QEval, when integrated with speech analytics, simplifies compliance monitoring, enables real-time risk monitoring, and enables fraud risk assessment for ensuring that the team is adhering to all compliance measures.

How we transform your Quality Monitoring process with 3 simple steps?


The most flexible software for customer experience analytics

Monitor 100% of customer interactions

With QEval, you can monitor all types of customer interactions including voice, live chat, email, and social media responses. There is not a cap on how many calls you can analyze. Insights are provided on every call with QEval Speech Unlimited Ingestion.

Ease of Integration

QEval can be seamlessly integrated with any call recording system(CRM), learning management systems, dialing platforms, or even another speech analytics platform.

Built-in coaching capabilities

Automate quality, training, and coaching systems with the built-in coaching module and tactical warehouse. QEval provides development support to the agents in the moment to ensure support is available when they need it.

Real-time monitoring with near-instant alerts

QEval enables real-time quality monitoring and alerts to ensure that teams get instant alerts for critical processes.

Our Client Speaks – On Etech’s QEval

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The reporting feature is great. I can see an agent overall performance in a snapshot for the whole year as well as filter the reporting by score-card category.

Supervisor of Customer Service, Oil & Energy

I like that I can run reports on individuals and teams as a whole.

Lead - Customer Service Representative, Utilities

It really takes the guess work out of creating quality evaluations.

General Manager, Consumer Services

It is very easy to search for the agents to locate the scores for selected dates.

Call Center Lead, Information Services

It is very user friendly. The agents here seem to like that they can receive immediate feedback on calls being evaluated.

Customer Care Lead, Higher Education

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