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About Etech

Etech is a servant leader organization providing superior customer experiences and innovative solutions which enable our clients to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships, and gain market share. Etech provides service as a solution; handling customer contacts, delivering business insights through Etech Insights and technology solutions through Etech Technology Solutions (ETS).

Etech launched in 2003 with only 400 employees and a single contact center in Nacogdoches, Texas. Over the last 17 years, we have expanded our range of services and have grown to include more than 3,000 employees and eight state-of-the-art contact centers with five U.S., one nearshore, and two offshore locations. All of this has been accomplished without the need for mergers or acquisitions.

Etech’s company partnerships have benefited from our proven track record of creating improved customer experiences, enhanced customer satisfaction and advocacy, increased conversion rates, higher net promoter scores, and stronger customer relationships.

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What is QEval?

QEval is Etech’s SaaS-based quality analytics platform, designed with Operations in mind. QEval is an intelligent and strategic solution designed for call centers. It accomplishes stringent demands of quality, customer experience, and compliance.

QEval, with Etech as your partner, assists companies in identifying opportunities and actions to improve their processes, sales conversions, and customer satisfaction. Regardless of the campaign size, call or chat volume, QEval is designed to meet any robust need. Etech’s QEval software has been developed based on real-time, practical experiences while also covering challenges call centers face on a day to day basis.


Our Character Commitments

Etech’s success can be attributed to these 12 character commitments. They are the very foundation of the company. Each employee in the organization, regardless of position, is trained and strives to exemplify these characteristics in everything they do.



ETECH defines INTEGRITY as doing what is right, being trustworthy, and truthful. An ETECH employee is expected to consistently do what they say, use their power ethically, work diligently, and pursue excellence. A person with INTEGRITY will do the right thing even if those around them do not. Remember, your actions speak louder than words.


Valuing People

An ETECH employee who is committed to respecting and honoring people; demonstrates emotional intelligence; and holds people accountable in a positive and nurturing way is one who shows they VALUE PEOPLE. A person who VALUES PEOPLE will put others’ needs before their own. By developing and encouraging those around you they will feel VALUED. Remember the Platinum Rule to treat others as they wish to be treated. This can only be accomplished if a personal relationship exists.



ETECH defines TEAMWORK as being committed to working as a team to solve problems and resolve conflict. An ETECH employee exhibits TEAMWORK by demonstrating loyalty and taking time to encourage one another.



ETECH defines ACCOUNTABILITY as having self-discipline to work effectively and efficiently and being results-focused. Blaming others will not be a response for those who hold themselves to be personally ACCOUNTABLE.



ETECH defines COMMUNICATION is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts or messages; as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. An ETECH employee must be committed to attentively listening to others; have intentional conversations with employees; ask purposeful questions; resolve conflict quickly; and freely provide information and knowledge. Being deliberate, transparent, and honest in communication is an integral part of COMMUNICATION.



ETECH employees who always look forward toward the “big picture” for the company with discernment and wisdom, focus, and determination show VISION.



ETECH defines ADAPTABILITY as being flexible and willing to positively and purposefully introduce, embrace and patiently lead the way through change. An example of ADAPTABILITY at ETECH is showing willingness to change campaigns or schedules in order to meet the company business needs.



ETECH defines HUMILITY as being sincere, transparent, open, and honest. An employee who can admit imperfection and a need for others in order to succeed shows HUMILITY. An example of showing HUMILITY at ETECH is accepting responsibility when goals aren’t met and creating solutions to overcome challenges.



ETECH defines CREATIVITY as purposefully seeking to think outside the box to solve problems; finding new and resourceful ways to do things; and encouraging others to brainstorm, think creatively and share ideas. An employee who consistently looks for solutions to problems is one who thinks CREATIVELY.



ETECH defines TEACHABILITY as being teachable; accepting feedback and instruction; taking personal responsibility; seeking knowledge and competence. Those who are committed to life-long learning exhibit TEACHABILITY.


Positive Influence

An ETECH Employee displays POSITIVE INFLUENCE through attitude and behavior. By being enthusiastic and passionate; having fun and laughing; being high-energy and approachable; modeling personal warmth and manners; and looking for the positive in each person and situation a person exhibits POSITIVE INFLUENCE.



ETECH defines COURAGE as taking risks boldly; making decisions confidently; taking initiative; having resilience and security during tough times. An ETECH employee displays COURAGE when they address disciplinary issues. An employee, who practices what they preach and always does the right thing even when it is not the most convenient, shows COURAGE.

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