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Good Call Library

This feature allows an agent/supervisor to listen to the calls where the other agents have performed ideally well. Such calls are uploaded by admin for agents and their respective supervisor as a reference material or an example to perform for a good call. Admin has an option to add list of good calls in library. 

To add a good call, go to My Universe>Manage Good Bad Call. The system will redirect to the following screen-

Click Good Call Library tab as shown highlighted in the below screen-

The system will redirect to the following screen-

The screen is divided into two sections.

The first section allows an Admin to add a call to good call library. It includes the following screen elements-

  • Evaluation ID- The evaluation ID of the call
  • Description- The description/purpose of the call 
  • Is Private- When this checkbox is checked by an admin, the good call reference would be intended only for particular agent and supervisor associated with the evaluation. When unchecked, the call will be visible to every agent and supervisor. 

Click Add button to add the call. Click Reset button to start again.

The second section of the screen allows an admin to search an added good call from the library. It includes the following screen elements-

  • Client Name- By default set to “All”. An admin can select a client name from dropdown box. 
  • Program Name- By default set to “All”. An admin has the option to select a program name from dropdown box.
  • Evaluation ID- An admin can search for a specific call by entering its respective ID number 

Click Search button and the screen will display the result in same console as shown below-

The search grid also includes various options for admin-

  • Edit- Click  button on the grid to edit an uploaded call. The system will redirect to the following screen-

The entry made for an Evaluation ID cannot be edited by an admin. The only editable fields in the console are Description and Is Private checkbox. Click Update button to save the editing/changes. 

  • Delete- Click  icon in search grid to delete a call from library. The system will display a confirmation message on the console as shown below-

Click OK to delete a call record. Click Cancel button to cancel the deletion process. When a call record is deleted, the system will display the deletion message on console as shown below-

  • Hyperlinked Evaluation ID- Click on the evaluation ID link and the system will display call player window on the same console as shown below-


  1. The call records in a good call library can be uploaded only from admin panel
  2. Agents and supervisors will be able to listen only call records, which have been uploaded from admin panel. 

Good Call Library in Agent/Supervisor Console-

Agents and supervisors can refer to good call library in their respective console. To access good call library, click My Universe>Manage Good/Bad Call>Good Call Library. The system will redirect to the following screen-

Click Search button after making entries in the respective fields. The system will generate the search result grid in the same console as shown below-

A user can click on a particular Evaluation ID link to listen to the call record



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