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How to Dispute?

Dispute functionality includes individual dispute activities for the agent and supervisor. Thus, it can be categorized into two sections:

  • Dispute from agent
  • Dispute from agent’s supervisor

To know the process of how agents and supervisors can review and raise a dispute on any evaluation form, refer to View Evaluation on My Evaluation.

To check the status of the submitted dispute, from the evaluation form page, check the Review/Dispute Information category.

What is the purpose of an evaluator?

An evaluator is assigned the task to evaluate the performance of an agent for a call.

What is dispute?

Dispute is a process made by an agent against an evaluator when he is not satisfied with the evaluations done for him regarding a call. Disputes can also be made by a supervisor on behalf of an agent for the particular evaluator.

What is Evaluation Count?

An evaluation count is the data shown under Manager Evaluation for a particular month. It shows the figures under various categories of the evaluations done by a supervisor for the selected month.

What is Manager Evaluation?

A supervisor has the option to view his evaluation statistics done for the agents for a particular month. All the statistics are displayed in a slot of 10 days. However, a supervisor will be able to view evaluation statistics if Manager Evaluation access rights have been allotted to him.

What is My Evaluation?

My Evaluation displays the details of evaluation made by a verifier for an agent against any call. The module differs in an agent and supervisor scenario. An agent can view evaluation made against him and can dispute by viewing a particular evaluation from grid, if needed. On the other hand Supervisor can view the evaluations made for a particular or agents by the verifiers. Further, a supervisor can dispute for an evaluation on behalf of agent if needed.

What is My Universe?

The My Universe category in QEval allows users to view their evaluation results. This section also helps them to manage good/bad calls. An agent specifically also has the option to raise a dispute for a particular evaluation if he/she has any concerns on the same.

My Universe offers accessibility to the following functionalities:

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