Weight Allocation

What if a user needs to allocate weight to a question of the particular category?

QEval also provides the functionality to apply weights (marks) to question(s) of the categories. The procedure is same like allotting a weight to the category, with an additional factor of checking the Question Weight Required to create a weight based question. This is as shown in the below screen-

How is a weight allocated to the category?

Firstly, an evaluation form is created by an authorized user with Admin rights. Select Manage>Forms. Click on Create Evaluation Form as shown in the below screen-

This will redirect to the Create Evaluation screen. Select Start with a blank evaluation form which will open up the list of options on the same screen. To create a weight based category, user needs to select the option listed as Category weight based. This is as shown in the screen below-

After clicking on Create Evaluation Form the system will redirect to the newly created form. To provide weight to the category, click on the New Category as shown in the below screen-

Select Start with a blank category on the pop-up screen, which will list out the following options shown in the below screen-

From the above screen, a weight can only be allocated to a category only if user checks the Scorable option. This condition will be applicable for all the created categories.  

What is meant by weight of a category?

There are certain questions which have more importance when compared with the other question. Keeping up with this logic, the concept of weight has been implemented in the software where a question of a category can be provided with more weight than other questions. Please note that weight here means total marks or points associated with that question.

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