Chat Feature

Can I send a message to multiple users at the same time?

No. A QEvalPro chat feature allows a user to select multiple users from the list but permits to send messages to one user at a time. 

Can a user view my message if I am replying to some other user in chat feature?

Except for an agent, every user role will have two chat modes on their consoles. These include a Private mode and a general reply mode. A user can use a private mode tab to establish a private conversation for evaluation with other user, thus shielding off other users to view their messages. Similarly, a user can use a reply mode to send the messages, which could be viewed by all the other users. 

Which user roles can have access to QEval chat feature?

All the user roles from an agent and above can have access to the QEval chat feature, provided they have been given access rights by the admin.

While uploading a file through attachment the system gives a prompt error message

Whenever a user tries to upload a file of a specific format which is not supported by chat feature, the system will give a prompt message. Further, a QEvalPro chat feature will only upload files with below mentioned formats- 

.tif, .gif, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .txt, .bmp, .xls, .xlsx, .docx, .doc, .zip, .rar and .csv

Why am I not able to download a file shared from other user?

A file shared through chat feature attachment has a maximum validity of 7 (seven) days. If the time period excceds the mention number of days, the receiver will not be able to download the file. 

What is the maximum file size to be shared through QEval chat feature attachment?

A file size of maximum 5 MB can be sent through chat feature attachment

Can I share documents and files through chat feature?

Yes. A QEvalPro chat feature allows users to exchange files and documents through the mode of attachment feature. 

Why do I not see Chat Feature for my account if my client and program both are enabled with chat feature?

It’s never necessary for a user to have the chat feature enabled, even if he/she is a part chat feature-enabled client and program. A user can only have access to the chat feature if enabled by the QEvalPro admin.  

Can all the clients in QEval have the chat feature enabled?

No. A client in QEval can only have a chat feature if the same has been enabled by the QEval admin. 

How do I know if a specific user has sent me a chat message in QEval?

Every user with a chat feature enabled for his/her account will have a notification icon on his/her console. On the event of any chat message sent by any other user, the system will display the notification on console. The notification will remain visible on the console as long as the user doesn’t click to view it. 

What is a chat feature in QEval?

A chat feature is a facility in QEval that provides a platform for users with different roles to interact with each other for a particular evaluation. 


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