How to create a dynamic audit form especially with the option to hide question or categories?

To create an audit form with the hide category feature, refer to Category Show / Hide topic under Design Form.

Further, to create a form with a show/hide question, refer to Show/Hide Questions.

What categorizes the score of particular form?

The score of a form is calculated on the basis of weights earned from each of the category listed in that particular form. Also, if a category falls under Autofailure then it will reflect the total score.

What is score?

A score is the total rating which is allotted to the particular user when the evaluation process of the particular form against the user is completed. 

What is telephone/session ID?

A telephone or session ID is used to search a specific user (an agent) during evaluation process. This function can be used when the relative search date, program or other entities of the particular agent is not known.

What are the types of forms in QEval?

There are two categories of forms in QEval.

  • Chat based- A user can create a form based on the chat process under this section
  • Voice-based- It offers the user to create a form based upon the voice process. Additionally, a user can also upload the voice calls for evaluation

How to create forms?

QEval offers two options to create evaluation forms.

  • Start with a blank evaluation form– This option allows the user to create a completely new form in the software. The user needs to enter the values in the provided fields and the system creates a new form based upon those details. Further, this form creation can also be edited as and when required.
  • Copy an existing form- This allows the user to create a form by copying some or all the parameters of an existing form through the name of its client, program and form. Once done, the system will generate the required form.


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