Training Module

When will a supervisor receive a mail notification about agent’s training?

If an agent fails for three days in the same question during a training process then a mail will be triggered to agent’s supervisor on third day. However, if the second or third failure attempt falls in next month then the mail will not be triggered to supervisor. The process of three days count for email triggering will be only valid if they fall under the same month. 

Can supervisor and higher management know about respective agent’s training?

Yes. A supervisor and higher management can be notified about a respective agent’s training. As soon as a training is assigned to an agent, a mail will be triggered to the respective supervisor and higher management. The email will be only triggered if it has been configured. 

How can an agent know about his training?

An agent could be notified about a training on the basis of email notification. An email will only be triggered if it has been specifically configured for an agent. 

What formats of files could be uploaded as training material?

A training module will accept the file types for training material with extensions that include- .pdf,.jpg,.jpeg,.mp3,.wav,.png,.doc,.docx,.csv,.mp4,.m4v,.xlsx,.xls,.txt

What is parameter wise training?

This is another type of training module specifically designed to assign training process to individual question of the form. The complete functionality of this training type could be viewed by clicking here

What is program wise training?

Program wise training is specifically designed for entire program. In this format, multiple questions of a particular program are allocated to the training process. Click here to view the methods of program wise training in more detail

What is training module?

A training module is specifically designed to provide a training environment to agents on some of the questions. While performing an evaluation if an agent is found to be under performing for a particular question or a program then he/she needs to undergo the training session.

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