Is it possible to view all the scores of evaluation at one place?

Yes, there are two methods to view all the scores of evaluation at one place.

  • Call wise report- Displays the report with the scores of questions
  • Search evaluation- Displays the evaluation grid consisting of the scores in various sections.

What is Bonus Point? How is it applied to a particular question in evaluation?

Bonus point is a criteria which is used and applied when an agent is found to have performed good or poor for a particular question. Meaning, an evaluator has the option to allot marks more or less than the possible points. Even negative scoring is allowed at the time of evaluation. However, there are certain factors, which are needed to be considered to apply Bonus Point feature. This can be viewed here.

What is ATA?

This is the process of reviewing the evaluation process performed by a particular QA Verifier. The alternate evaluation of the same call is done by an authorized ATA user and the result is displayed in the form of variance between the ATA score and evaluation score. In this process, the QA verifier has the right to accept or dispute the ATA evaluation.

What are the types of evaluation?

Based on the types of processes, evaluation is classified into the following categories-

  • Good Call evaluation
  • Bad Call evaluation
  • Critical call evaluation

What is evaluation?

QEval provides a platform to evaluate the level of performance of agents regarding various categories and entities of the forms. All of these evaluations are made to check by the authorized users, which range from QA and above.

What is a critical call?

Some sections of an evaluation form, particularly a question or a category could be more important when compared to other questions, while performing an evaluation. Such questions or categories are placed under specific call known as critical call.

What is a bad call?

When the call quality of an agent is found to be poor during an evaluation then that call is known to be a bad call. In other words, if the call quality is below the required conditions to be good is termed as a bad call. Click Bad Call to know the conditions of a bad call.

What is good call?

During an evaluation process, when the call quality performed by an agent is found to be high then this process is known to be a good call. QEval also terms it as a Wow Call. Click Good Call to know the conditions of the good call. 


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