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An add user page allows an admin to add a new user of particular role within QEval system. An admin has the option to check the checkbox if the newly added user is an employee of Etech. Thus, the functionality helps the managers to identify Etech’s employee and third party employees. Also, when a user is added, the page allows an admin to provide various access rights to the user based upon requirements.

A new user will not be added in QEval system, unless an admin mentions his credentials in the required fields.

To add user follow the steps given below:

1.Click Add tab to add a user and the following screen appears-

Add User Screen

2.Provide the following details.

Screen Elements


Employee ID

Provide ID of the employee.

Employee Type

Provide the type of employee.

Business Unit

By default, the business unit is already selected and is disabled.

First Name

Provide first name of the user.


Provide the Email address.

Location Name

Select the location from dropdown list.

Middle Name

Provide middle name of the user.

Supervisor Name

Provide supervisor’s name of the user.

Is Access IP based?

Check to allow access to Users based on IP Address.

Note: Selecting the check box restricts the User, accessing QEval from any other IP Address.

Last Name

Provide last name of the user.

Is Supervisor?

Select the check box if the user is a Supervisor.


Select the Program from the list.


Select the Partner from the dropdown list.

Access Rights


Select the Role of the user to restrict or allow access rights.


Note: Based on selected Role, related rights are displayed. Further, more options can be selected from the related rights.


User Name

Provide the User Name.



Provide password.


Note: The password should meet the below requirements.


•Must be at least 8 characters.

•Must contain at least one digit, one lower case letter or one upper case letter and one special character.

•Valid special characters are: -_,.?/:;|\\!@#$%^&*()-+=.

•For example: Effective1?.

Confirm Password

Re-enter the password for confirmation.

3.Once done, click Submit button button to add user or click Reset Button button to reset the fields. On clicking submit button the following confirmatory message is displayed as shown in the screen below.

Message Box screen

4.The newly added user is visible in the Search tab as shown in the screen below.

Newly Added User screen
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