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Search User

The search user page allows an admin to search a user from QEval database on the basis of various search filters. The page also provides an option to admin to edit or delete a searched user.

Click Search tab to search a particular user and the following screen appears.

Search User Screen

The page displays a search criteria based on which one can search a particular user. A user can be searched on the basis of selected criteria i.e. User Name, Role, Status, Supervisor Name, Location Name, Employee ID, Partner Name or combination of any selected criteria.

Once the criteria is selected, click on Search button button and the search result is displayed in the grid below the search button.

The user will also have the option to export the search result in Excel or CSV format through Export dropdown button. This is as shown in the below screen-

One can also edit or delete a user from the grid.

Edit User

Click Edit Icon icon to edit a user and the following screen appears.

Edit User Screen

Note- While making any changes to the access rights of a particular user, an authorized user will also have to enter his/her password in the provided field as a part of mandatory process before proceeding further.  This is shown highlighted in the above screen.  

Once, the changes are made click  button and the following confirmatory message appears.

Message- User Updated Successfully. 
Message Box screen
Click OK to update the user.
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