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Good/Bad Call

In order to keep up with its better call handling services, QEval includes the platform to determine the call quality made by agents. This process is termed as good/bad call or also called as Wow call.

This process includes 3 different user roles of the system.

  • Agent- User whose good/bad call has to be determined.
  • QA Verifier- User who verifies and evaluates the call type of the agent.
  • Supervisor- User who finalizes the call made by the agent to be good only if entitled by the QA verifier.

Further, there are two important factors to be known for the process of determining good/bad call.

  1.  Creation of user for all the above 3 mentioned roles. Refer to Add User  section of the manual to know the methods of creating a user role.
  2.  Designing and creating a form which includes assigning questions, categories and weights.  


Condition for Good Call-

An evaluation could only be categorized under good call if-

  • The total score is more than 50%
  • Supervisor has approved the call to be a good call.  

Note-While creating questions for categories, the user should also assign an “Is a good call” question which would be applicable only if it has been checked marked.  

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