QEval New UI User Manual

My Disputes

The My Disputes category allows an agent to review an evaluation made against him/her and also to raise a dispute if needed. The category also displays all the disputed evaluations submitted by the agents 

To access this page, select My Universe > My Disputes.

The following screen appears:

This page displays the list of all the disputes. One can search for specific disputes by setting some filters.


Search Disputes

A search disputes functionality helps a user search for specific disputes.

Click on the Search Disputes button.

The following screen appears:

The page displays search criteria based on which one can search for a particular dispute.

Screen Elements


Agent Name

Select the Agent name from the dropdown list. The agent name is displayed by default for the agent user account.

Start Date

To set the date range, firstly, select a start date.

End Date

Select the end date.

Client Name

Select the name of the client from the dropdown list.

Program Name

Select a program from the dropdown list which will display the Program Names as per the selection of the Client Name.

Evaluation Form Name

Select the evaluation form for the selected program of a client from the dropdown list.

Total Disputes

Select the radio button to view the disputes with open and closed status.

Open Disputes

Select the radio button to view the disputes with open status.

Closed Disputes

Select the radio button to view the disputes with closed status.

To view the disputes as per the set criteria, click on the button. The list of evaluations will be displayed as per the set filters.

To view the evaluation form from this page, click on the Evaluation ID.

The evaluation form will be displayed as shown below:

This functionality includes individual dispute activities for the agent and supervisor. Thus, it can be categorized into two sections:

  • Dispute from agent
  • Dispute from agent’s supervisor

To know the process of how to review/dispute any evaluation form, refer to View Evaluation on My Evaluation.

To check the status of the submitted dispute, from the evaluation form page, check the Review/Dispute Information category.

Comments submitted by the Agent will be displayed under Agent Dispute Comments.

To change the status, select the required option for the Supervisor Dispute Status field – Disputed, Supervisor Agree, and Supervisor Disagree.

Then, click on the button.

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