QEval New UI User Manual

Evaluation Screen Elements

Apart from various fields mentioned in Evaluation / ATA displayed on the evaluation form, there are several other elements that are designed to assist the users like calculated scores, spelling accuracy, and pre-answered questions.  

Let’s understand each element in detail.



Every evaluation form includes a  score bar displayed at the top section of the form. It is designed and formulated to display scores for individual agents based on the evaluated scores provided by the QA Verifiers. 

The following scores will be displayed in the score bar in every evaluation form.

  • Score: This section displays the score obtained by an agent during evaluation.
  • Max Score: It displays the overall score of the categories. For example, if the total score of the score equals 10 then the Max Score field would show the value as 10.
  • Total Score(%): It shows the total percentage obtained by an agent. The value of this field is determined as (Score/Max Score)*100.
  • Auto Failure Score: If any question of a category is set to Autofail then this field would display the score in zero (0). Further, if the category has been kept free from Autofail then the Failed section displays the status as N/A.

Note: The scores will be calculated only if the categories in Create Evaluation are scorable.


The score bar calculates and displays the overall score of the user obtained from various categories of the screen as shown in the figure:



Spell Checker

While providing answers to the selected questions or while importing answers through canned responses, using the Spell Checker feature keeps away the probability of any spelling errors in the provided comment box as shown in the figure:


To use the spell checker feature, click on the icon, which is denoted by  Spell Checker 1. This icon will be displayed only where the text box and similar type of field like the comment box will be included for any question.

Once the functionality is done with the scanning of the spell errors, the following prompt message is displayed on the screen by the browser-

Spell checker message

Canned Response

A canned response is a preset repository of questions or answers. This feature helps the users to fetch the questions from the repository rather than type them manually. Admin has the option to feed the questions in canned responses as and when required.  

This feature is denoted by the icon Canned response icon and is located just next to the spell checker icon in the Create Evaluation screen as shown:

Clicking the Canned Response icon will open up a Canned Response window which is shown as follows:

Canned Response window

The user can select the question based on the set categories. When the question is selected from the screen, the pre-set answer gets visible on the message box located below in the window as shown:

Canned Response window 1

For the selected question 1 in the box above on the screen, the relative answer is displayed in the message box below in the window.

Click Add button 1button to add the answer to the Create Evaluation screen.  

To know more about Canned Response, refer to Canned Responses.

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