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Executive Coach Rating Heatmap

Executive Coach Rating Heatmap displays the total logged-in hours of the executive coach. It also showcases the number of reviews an executive coach does in an hour. 

To view this report, select Reports > Report > Supervisor Level Report > Executive Coach Rating Heatmap.

The following page will be displayed.

Configure the following fields to view the required result:

Screen Elements


Start Date

To set the date range, firstly, select a start date.

End Date

Select the end date.

Once the search criteria are set, then, click on the button.

The report for the specified will be displayed as shown below:

From the left panel of the report, under Document Map, click on the to expand the list as shown below:
Click on any one category to view the report containing data from only the selected category.

To view the Evaluation IDs of a particular agent, click on the link shown below:

From this view, the following actions can be performed:

1. Navigate between the pages: To navigate between the pages:

 – Previous Page

 – Next Page

 – First Page

 – Last Page

2. Refresh the page: To refresh the report.

3. Go back to the Parent Report: To go back to the parent report if the child report is displayed.

4. Zoom page: To zoom in or zoom out of the report page.

5. Export dropdown menu: To export the report in – WordExcelPowerPointPDF, and Data Feed.

6. Print: To print the report.

7. Find Text in Report: To find any specific text in the particular report. Enter the text in the search box and then click Find. The entered text will be displayed in the highlighted format in the report. To find the same text in another place, click Next.

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