QEval New UI User Manual

Sub Program

On the Sub Program page, the admin can add, edit, delete or search different sub-programs created for various programs.

To access this functionality, select the Manage > Program Configuration > Sub Program and the Manage Sub Program page will be displayed as shown below:

This page displays the list of all the sub-programs that are already created for different programs.


Add Sub Program

An admin can add sub-programs for a particular program in a QEval system. The page also allows an admin to provide certain functionalities to specific or all the sub-programs. 

To add a new sub-program follow the steps given below:

  1. To add a new Program, click on Add Program button.

The following screen appears.

2. Provide the following details.

Screen Elements


Client Name

Select the client name from the dropdown list.

Program Name

Based on the selection of the client, the Programs will be listed in this dropdown list. Select the required program name.

Sub Program Name

Enter the name of the sub-program.


Select the location for the sub-program.


Enter the credits in the Credit text box.

Note: Enter Credit values in dd.dd format only.

3. Click Submit  button to add the sub-program, or click  button to reset the fields.

The newly added sub-program will be displayed on the Manage Sub Program page as displayed on the following screen:


Search Sub Program

A search sub-program helps an admin to search active or inactive sub-programs from the QEval system. The admin has the option to search all the clients for a particular sub-program or to search all the sub-programs. The page also allows an admin to edit or delete the details for the sub-program. 

Click on the Search Sub Program button to search for a program.

Then the following screen appears.

The page displays search criterias based on which one can search a particular sub-program. A sub-program can be searched on the basis of selected criteria – Client Name, Program Name, Sub Program Name, Location, Credit, or a combination of any of the selected criteria.

Click  button to search the sub-program, or click  button to reset the search filters.

Based on the applied search filter, all the programs will be visible on the Manage Sub Program page as shown on the screen below:

The following details will be displayed:

  • Program Name: Displays the name of the program.
  • Location: Displays the name of the location of the program.
  • Sub Program Name: Displays the name of the sub-program.
  • Credit: Displays the credits of the sub-program.
  • Status: Select the toggle button to enable or disable the specific sub-program.
  • Action: Two action icons will be displayed – Edit and Delete.


Edit Program

Click on the Edit icon displayed under the Action column to edit a particular sub-program and the Edit Sub Program window will be displayed as shown below:

Once, the changes are made click on the Update button.

Then, the acknowledgment message will be displayed as shown below.


Delete Sub Program

From the Manage Sub Program, click on the Delete  icon to delete the sub-program and the following confirmatory message as shown below:

Click  button to continue with the deletion of the sub-program or click button to cancel the process.

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