QEval New UI User Manual

Search Work Allocation

To search any specific work allocation from the list of existing queues, click on the Search Work Allocation button.

The following screen will be displayed:

On this screen, set the following filters to search any specific Work allocation:

  • Work Allocation – Select the required work allocation from the dropdown list. The required allocation can also be searched by entering the specific keywords in the search box displayed on the dropdown list. Based on the entered keywords, the work allocation will be sorted.

  • Schedule – Select the required schedule type from the dropdown list – Daily, Weekly and Monthly. 

Once the filters are set, click on the Search button as shown below:

To reset the field on this section, click on the Reset button.

Based on the searched queue, the list on the Work Allocation page will be sorted as shown below:

In this way, any specific work queue can be searched.


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