QEval New UI User Manual

Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Report

Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Report is the category that will display the list of all the reports related to Trending, Audit Trail, and Tactical Warehouse.

To access these reports, select Reports > Report > Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Report.

Then, the system will display the list of reports under the Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Report category as shown below:

Following Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Reports will be displayed:

  1. Trending Report
  2. Audit Trail Report
  3. Tactical Agent Level Report
  4. Tactical Program Level Report
  5. Tactical Opportunity Level Report
  6. Tactical Overall Coaching Summary
  7. Coaching Level Tactical
  8. Coaching Trend Tactical

One can even search for the required report by entering the keywords in the Search field displayed below:

Let’s understand each Trending/Audit Trail /Tactical Report.

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