QEval New UI User Manual

Supervisor Level Report

Supervisor Level Report is the category that will display the list of all the reports related to the overall performances of Quality Analysts.

To access these reports, select Reports > Report > Supervisor Level Report.

Then, the system will display the list of reports under the Supervisor Level Report category as shown below:

Following Supervisor Level Reports will be displayed:

  1. Monthly Section Average Score Report By Supervisor
  2. Coach Overall Rating
  3. Weekly Coach Overall Rating
  4. Coach Level Heatmap
  5. Executive Coach Rating Heatmap
  6. Brand or Region Performance By Team Supervisor
  7. Parameter Level Autofailure By Team Supervisor
  8. Section Average Score Report By Supervisor
  9. KPB Index Report

One can even search for the required report by entering the keywords in the Search field displayed below:

Let’s understand each Supervisor Level Report.

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