QEval New UI User Manual

Edit/Delete Questions

Once the questions are added under the categories of the evaluation form, one can edit or change, and delete such questions from the design view page of the evaluation form.


Edit Question

Click on the Edit icon displayed for the specific question which is to be edited and the Edit Question window will be displayed as shown below:

Once the question and its details are updated, click on the Update Question button to update the changes made.

Then, the acknowledgment message will be displayed as shown below:


Delete Question

From the design view page of the evaluation form, a particular question can be deleted. 

Click on the icon to delete a question and the following confirmatory message will be displayed:

Click  button to continue with the deletion of the question or click  button to cancel the process. 


Click OK and another message appears. Again click OK and the question gets deleted successfully.

Once, all the categories and questions are set one can see the preview of the form to decide the layout and do modifications accordingly. Refer to Preview Form.

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