QEval New UI User Manual

Audit Guideline

The Audit Guideline is a document that helps evaluators in evaluating the performance of the agents. The document contains a detailed description of all the parameters based on which evaluation is to be done.

Upload Audit Guideline

This guideline can be uploaded while editing the form using the Upload Audit Guideline option from the Design Form page as shown on the screen below:


  1. To edit the evaluation form or view its design, one needs to first change its status to Open. To know more about editing the evaluation form, refer to Create Evaluation Form.
  2. Audit Guideline can be uploaded in .pdf format only.


View Audit Guideline

Click on the Audit Guideline button to view the audit guideline from the Preview Form page.

Then, a .pdf file containing the descriptions opens in a new tab of the window.

audit guideline PDF

If the audit guideline is not uploaded, then the system will display the following message when clicked on the Audit Guideline.


Click OK.

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