QEval New UI User Manual

Coachee Tactical Warehouse

Coachee Tactical Warehouse provides a platform wherein coachees can view the evaluation made for them. A coachee also has an option to accept or decline the particular evaluation. A coachee will only have a view option if the coaching is assigned to him/her for an evaluation by a coach in DFM. 

To accept or decline any coaching in a DFM console, select Coaching > Coachee Tactical Warehouse.

The My Direct Feedback Model screen appears as shown below: 

This page displays the list of all the DFMs that are already created for any coaching.


Search Tactical Coachee

Search functionality helps to search for specific tactical coachings. 

Click on the Search Tactical Coachee button.

The following screen appears:

The page displays search criteria based on which one can search for a particular coaching.

  • Select Coaching Start Date and Coaching End Date from the respective date fields.
  • Enter the name of the Coach in the field.
  • Select Client Name from the dropdown list.
  • Select a Program Name from the dropdown list which will display the Program Names as per the selection of the Client Name.
  • Select a Sub Program Name from the dropdown list which will display the sub-program names as per the selection of the Program Name.
  • Select Review/Closing status from the dropdown field – Pending, Completed, Unsuccessful.

Click on the  button to search the coaching, or click on the  button to reset the search filters.

Based on the applied search filter, all the coachings will be displayed on the My Direct Feedback Model page as shown on the screen below:

To accept or reject any coaching, click on the Accept/Decline link under DFM column as shown on the below screen:

The Direct Feedback Model – Coachee Copy will be displayed:

The console includes three categories – Session Information, DFM Information, and Comment.

Session Information

  • Click the Session Information tab and it expands to display the set of information to the coachee about coaching on an evaluation. This is as shown below:

  • The View button will be displayed along with the evaluation ID.

  • Click this button and the system will redirect to the evaluation console. A coachee will be able to view the evaluation made by QA for him/her. This functionality helps a coachee to analyze and accept or decline the evaluation. 


DFM Information

  • Click the DFM Information tab and it expands to display two categories. The first category is Strength, which includes the parameter showcasing the good performance of a coachee during evaluation. Similarly, the second category is Opportunity, which includes the parameter where the coachee was identified as underperforming along with the Action Plan. It also includes an action plan field for a coachee to follow while performing the coaching. This is as shown below:



  • Click the Comment tab that expands to display several fields for a coachee. This is as shown in the below screen:

  • Agent Commitment: Enter the commitment statement for the coaching. 
  • Digital Signature: A coachee needs to enter his/her name after completing the coaching. The digital signature will still be needed if a coachee declines the coaching assigned for an evaluation. 
  • Status: After analyzing the evaluation through the View button option, a coachee can either click on the Review radio button to accept the evaluation or can click on the Decline radio button to decline the evaluation made for him/her.
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