QEval New UI User Manual

Work Allocation Group

The Work Allocation Group page allows the users to create a group of agents, amongst whom the work will be distributed evenly or based on the requirement.

To access this functionality, select Manage > Work Allocation > Work Allocation Group as shown below:

The Work Allocation Group page will be displayed.

On this page, the list of existing work allocation groups will be displayed as shown in the screen below:

On this list the following information will be displayed:

  • Work Allocation Group – Displays the name of the group created for distributing the workload.
  • Add Agents – It allows users to add agents to the specific Work Allocation Group. To know more about assigning agents to the work allocation group, refer to Add Agents.
  • Action – Displays two actions icons – Edit  and Delete To know the functionalities of these icons, refer to Edit/Delete Work Allocation Group.
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