QEval New UI User Manual


The Settings menu allows the user to reset the password, configure the theme and configure the client logo.

To access these functionalities, select Settings > Reset Password, and the following screen appears.

Note: By default, the Reset Password page is displayed first.

From the Reset Password page, one can update and reset the logged-in user’s account’s old password and create a new password.

Apart from that, users can reset the theme of their personal QEval account and add, edit, or delete the client’s organization’s logo.


Reset Password

This page allows resetting the password.

To access this functionality, select Settings > Reset Password and the following screen appears.

Configure the following:

  • Your Password: By default, this field displays the current password of the logged-in user’s QEval account. Enter the current password in this field if required. (The entry in this field is mandatory as a part of security)
  • Username: By default, this field displays the username of the logged-in user’s QEval account. Enter the logged-in user’s username.
  • New Password: Enter the new password for the logged-in user’s QEval account. 


The password should meet the following requirements:

    • It must be at least 12 characters.
    • It should not be greater than 128 characters.

Once the above-mentioned fields are configured, click on the button. Once reset, the user can log back into the QEval account with the help of the new credentials.


Client Logo

The Client Logo page allows the logged-in user to upload the logo of a specific client’s organization who will be accessing this platform with the same credentials.

The Business Unit displays the current business unit of the logged-in user.

From the Home Page Logo, the user can upload the logo which is to be displayed on the home page of the QEval platform.

From the Product Logo, the user can upload the logo of the product for which the QEval platform will be accessed.

Click on the to upload the logo from one’s local system.


  1. The preferred Resolution Height is 31 pixels and the Width is 277 pixels.
  2. Allowed extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

Then, click on the button, and the logo will be uploaded and displayed on the top section of the platform.


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