QEval New UI User Manual

Unlocking User's Account

There are times when a member’s account may get locked due to various reasons. However, a locked account can be unlocked by an Admin of the campaign. Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out this process:

  • To unlock a member’s account, an Admin needs to select Settings > Reset Password.
  • The system will redirect the admin to the Reset Password screen as displayed below:

  • To reset a member’s password, an admin needs to enter his/her own password as a part of security compliance. This is then followed by entering the first initial letters of the member’s name whose password is meant to be unlocked.
  • The Username field in this case will display the options of the names to be selected. The new password for the user name needs to be entered in New Password.


The password should meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 12 characters. 

  • Should not be greater than 128 characters.

Once the above-mentioned fields are configured, click on the  button. Then, the admin can share the new password with the particular user in person.

Then, the user will be able to log into his/her account with the help of the new credentials.

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