QEval New UI User Manual

QEval Login

A QEval login page allows a registered user to access the tool. The procedure to access QEval remains the same for all the user roles. 

Steps to sign in QEval:

  1. Enter the URL http://qevalpro.com in the browser.
  2. Click on the Login button as shown below:

The user will be directed to the Login page of QEval as shown below:


3. Enter the credentials – Username and Password – in the respective fields of the Login console for any User Role.

4. Then, click on the button.


First Time Users

When the newly registered users log in to their QEval account with the credentials provided by their respective admin/supervisor, the user will be directed to the Change Password page.

The user can change the password of their QEval account as shown below and then submit it.

Once submitted, the user will be logged out of their account and the system will request to enter the updated credentials – Username and Password – of the account.

Then, the users will be logged in and the Set Security Question page will be displayed.

Set Secret Question

The newly registered users with QEval will be directed to the Set Secret Question page, once they login using the new credentials.

On this page, the users can set the secret question. Setting up a secret question helps secure the user account and restore the password when one fails to recall it.

To set the secret question, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter the current Password of the user’s QEval account.
  2. Select Secret Question from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter the Answer to the selected secret question.
  4. Click on the   button.


In case, the user forgets the password, one can click on the Forgot Password link displayed on the login page and answer the user-configured Secret Question.

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