QEval New UI User Manual

Supervisor - View Training Status

Once the viewing rights have been assigned by the admin, the supervisor will be able to view the training status from his/her console.

From the Supervisor console, this functionality can be accessed by clicking on the Coaching tab.

The Coaching page displays the number of training which are in Open and Closed states as shown in the below screen:

  • Open Training: It displays the number of pending coaching to be completed by the agents.
  • Closed Training: It displays the number of coaching which is completed by the agents.
  • Total: It displays the total number of training (sum of open and closed coaching) assigned to the agents.

The grid on this page displays the details of the training based on the selection of the state of the training.

  • To view the details of all the training that are in an open/pending state, click on the Open Training tab.

Similarly, to view the details of all the training that are in the closed state and to view all the open and closed training details, click on the Closed Training tab and Total tab respectively.

Click on the particular agent from the Agent column to view the training status. The system will generate a grid for the open training status of the particular agent as shown highlighted below:

Click on one Answer ID from the grid to view the status in detail and the system will redirect to the following screen:

The supervisor will be able to review the training progress of the agent from the evaluation form.

A closed training view will include the agent’s digital signature along with the date on which the training was completed.


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