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Coach Overall Rating

This report helps to get the effectiveness and overall rating of the coach. The report gives insight
based on the rating submitted by an agent. This report also displays the data for number of times an agent has
performed self-review.

To view the report go to Reports>Report>Supervisor Level Report>Coach Overall Rating. This is as shown in the below screen-

The system will redirect to the following screen-

Enter the details in the respective fields as shown in the following screen-

Click Generate Report button. The system will display the report in following format-

The legends for coach rating ranging from 1-5 displays on the same console. 

The report also includes clickable events for the data as shown highlighted in the below screen-

These clickable events will display the data for respective rating (if any) given by agents to the coach. 

To view the detailed report, click on a particular rating and the system will redirect to the following console as shown in the below screen-

The report displays the data for an agent including the total reviews, self reviews, coach review and the provided rating to the coach. The coach rating data in the report is a clickable event. Highlighted in the above screen, the clickable event displays more detailed information. This is as shown below-

The console displays the data of coach rating provided by an agent for a particular evaluation ID along with the date. 

Note: The report by default displays Etech employee data. Filters are not mandatory to fetch the data. 

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