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Follow Up Emails

Follow up Emails is a functionality using which an email is sent to the Supervisor/Manager for those Agents whose performance is not up to the mark and is not evaluated for a certain period of time.

The conditions that need to be followed for the working of this functionality are:

1. Program: One needs to select the program for implementing the Follow-up Emails functionality.

2.First Follow-up mail days: Number of days after which First Follow-up mail is to be sent.

3. Second Follow-up mail days: It is the Number of days, after which the Second Follow-up mail is to be sent.

4. Team: Select the team of the Supervisor/Manager to whom the email is to be sent.

5. Evaluation Score Cut-off: Cut off score

The working of Follow-up Email:

The following example depicts how the follow-up email functionality works.

Suppose the condition for follow-up email is defined as follows:

●Client Name: Etech Wireless

●Program: Etech Wireless Chat

●Email Subject Line: Evaluation

●First Follow-up email days: 7        

●Second Follow-up email days: 7

●Evaluation Score Cut-off: 80

●Team: QA

An agent works for Program Etech Wireless Chat and handles Client Etech Wireless.  Now, as per the process, if there have been audits for the agent during 7 days (First Follow-up mail days) and the score is below cut-off bench mark then an email is sent to the appropriate QA Supervisor/Manager of Etech Insights or operation team. Now, if even after the first follow-up email, there is still no improvement in agent’s score, then a second email is sent after 7 days of the first email to the Supervisor/Manager of the QA Supervisor.

To configure the follow-up emails, go to Manage > Follow-up Emails and the following screen appears:


Follow up email 1

Manage Email Schedules screen

The page displays two tabs namely: Add and Search.

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