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Preview Form

Preview feature allows a user to see how the form would actually appear to the evaluator and to do the modifications accordingly.

To view the preview of the form, go to Design Form page, select the Client and Program where form that is to be previewed is available and click on the form. The following screen appears.

Click preview evaluation form button to view the preview of the form located at the top right corner of the form and the following screen appears.



  • The page displays two created categories along with the questions set. First Chat Information (Default Category) and the second is the Introduction (custom) category.
  • The Introduction category displays the score as 0.70/1.00 as it is a scorable category. Here, the score is 70% as the answer of the first question having weight 70 is Yes while the answer of second question is No whose weight is 30.
  • The panel on the right hand corner displays the different scores.
  1. Score: Displays the total score.
  2. Max Score: Displays the maximum score
  3. Total Score (%): Displays the total score in percentage.
  4. Failed: Displays if an agent has failed or passed.
  • Once the evaluator is done with evaluating, one can perform any one of the below actions as per the requirement.
  1. Click Save buttonto save the data of the form.
  2. Click Submit button to submit the form.
  3. Click Canned Response Cancel buton to cancel the form.
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