User Manual

Agent Profile

This feature has been developed to assign or set a KPB Index benchmark for a specific agent. 

To access this feature, go to Manage User>Agent Profile as shown in the below screen-

The system will redirect to the following console-

For Disc field, select an option from the dropdown field. This is as shown in the below screen-

Select agent’s name, KPI type and KPI name from respective dropdown fields as shown in the below screen-

Click Add button once entries are made. The entries of the selected agent will be displayed on the same console like the one as shown below-

An admin can also remove the entries by clicking on the Delete button

Select Client name, Program name, Evaluation form name from respective dropdown boxes and set a desired benchmark in the field. This is as shown below-

Click Submit button after entering the details. The system will generate the following confirmation message-

The newly assigned agent with benchmark for an evaluation form will be displayed in the grid on the same console as shown below- 

The entries can also be edited or deleted by clicking on their respective icons in the grid 

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