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A user role as supervisor will have access rights to the following options-

  • Client Management– Client management is used to add/edit client. Adding a client helps to differentiate client wise data.
  • Program Management– Program management is used to add/edit program. Adding a program helps to differentiate program wise data. Program module allows a user to configure email for all the functionality such as add subprogram, add disposition and add partner distro.
  • User Management– User management is used to add a new user or edit user. It also allows to add jumbo user data.
  • Form Design– Form design is used to add/edit form configuration. Adding a form helps the user to differentiate form wise data. The system also allows the user to design and customize form as needed.
  • Evaluation– This module allows the user to fill the data on designed form and submit the audit for number and agent.
  • Agent Evaluation– This includes the process of audit and evaluation submitted for Agent.
  • Manager Evaluation– List of evaluation performed for Supervisor’s team member with status by evaluation.
  • Reports– Contains different types of reports to review and monitor the status of program and/or agents.
  • Partner Management– Partner management is used to add/edit Partner. Adding a partner allows a user to differentiate partner wise data.
  • Program Access Group Management– To give multiple program access to multiple user in one go.
  • ATA Process– Audit the Auditor is same form as evaluation and is submitted after submitting the evaluation form. It is used to compare submitted data between ATA observer and Evaluation observer.
  • Calibration Management– It is same form as evaluation. Multiple users submit same form and data is compared on the basis of calibration session ID.
  • Training Management– Training management is used to configure and upload training document. It helps the agents to overcome their low performing parameters.
  • Program Group– It is the module to configure program groups. It is used to track the login and logout entry on the basis of program.
  • Chat Feature– Direct resolving query between agent supervisor and observer if there is any dispute in score through the feature of exchanging messages within the system.
  • KPI Management– It is used to track key parameter performance of the agent (Key Performance Indicator). It allows the user to configure key performance parameter and set a target for agent to get the notification and report.
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