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Question Accuracy Rate by QA

The report helps QA supervisor to determine the efficiency of each QA through ATA for each parameter/questions under respective form. The report thus helps a QA Supervisor to analyze and coach a low scoring QA on the specific opportunity area.

To view the report, navigate to Reports > Report > ATA Level Report > Question Accuracy Rate by QA as shown in the below screen-


The system will redirect to the following screen-


Mentioned below are the screen elements along with their descriptions-


Screen Elements                         



Start date

Select start date to view the report

End Date

Select end date to view the report

Client Name

Enter name of the client from drop down box

Program Name

Enter name of the program from drop down box

Evaluation Form Name

Select the name of evaluation form from drop down box

Sub Program  Name

Select the name of Sub program from drop down box


Enter the location name from drop down box


Enter agent name in the field

Supervisor Name

Enter Supervisor name in the field

Date Type

Select the date type from below three formats for the report to be displayed-

  • Evaluation Date
  • Call/Chat Date
  • Modified Date  

Select Evaluator Role

Select the name of evaluator from the table.

Click select all arrow to select and enter all the roles in the selection box.

To select a role, click select arrow.

Report By

Select an from below options to view the type of report

  • Monthly
  • Weekly


Compare with Original

Check this checkbox to view the result compared with original report

Enter respective details in the fields.


  • Required radio button for date type
  • Evaluator role

Click Generate Report after entering all the details. The system will generate the report in following format-


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