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Coachee Tactical Warehouse

Coachee tactical warehouse provides a platform wherein a coachee can view the evaluation made for him. A coachee also has an option to accept or decline the particular evaluation. A coachee will only have view option, if a coaching is assigned to him for an evaluation by a coach in DFM. 

To accept or decline a coaching in a DFM console, go to My Universe>Coachee Tactical Warehouse in a coachee console. This is as shown below-

The system will redirect to the following console- 


Select the required entries from the respective dropdown fields. Enter the Start Date and End Date range from date picker to view the search result. Click Search 

Click Accept/Decline link under DFM category like the one as shown in the below screen-


The system will redirect to the following console-

The console includes the following elements-

Session Information- 

  • Click Session Information tab and it expands to display the set of information to coachee about coaching on an evaluation. This is as shown below-

  • Highlighted in the above screen is a View button along with the evaluation ID. Click the button and the system will redirects to the evaluation console. A coachee will be able to view the evaluation made by QA for him/her. This functionality helps a coachee to analyze and accept or decline the evaluation. 

DFM Information-

  • Click DFM Information tab and it expands to display two categories. The first category is Strength, which includes the parameter showcasing good performance of a coachee during evaluation. Similarly, the second category is Opportunity, which includes the parameter where coachee was identified underperforming. It also includes an action plan field for a coachee to follow while performing the coaching. This is as shown below-


  • Click Comment tab that expands to display several fields for a coachee. This is as shown in the below screen

  • Agent commitment- Includes a field for a coachee to enter his/her comment for the coaching. 
  • Digital Signature- A coachee needs to enter his/her name after completing the coaching. The digital signature will still be needed if a coachee declines the coaching assigned for an evaluation. 
  • Status- After analyzing the evaluation through View button option, a coachee can either click on Review radio button to accept the evaluation or can click on Decline radio button to decline the evaluation made for him/her.   



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