User Manual

Bonus Point

A Bonus Point is a feature that allows an evaluator to provide the marks higher or lesser than the possible points in a form. 

The condition for working methodology of this feature is that the form and a question of the form should be enabled with Bonus point. 

Some of the other factors for a form with Bonus point feature include-

  • Bonus option value should be more than possible value for that question. 
  • To allot a bonus point to the question an Admin should check the bonus point checkbox as shown in the below screen

  • Form should be enabled with Bonus point feature. This is as shown highlighted below-

  • Question and category should be scorable
  • Negative points are allowed in a form only for the question with Bonus point feature
  • A question with bonus point feature must include the points more than the possible points in order to get more the rating over 100%
  • A question in a form cannot include bonus point and auto failure features together. 
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