User Manual

QEval Login

A QEval login page allows a registered user to access the tool. The procedure to access QEval remains same for all the user roles. 

Steps to sign in QEval:

  1. Enter the URL in the browser.
  2. Click on the Login button as shown below-
  3. Enter the credentials in respective fields of the login console.
  4. Click Submit button.

A QEval login page is as shown in the below screen-

QEval Login page for all User roles

Set Secret Question

A newly registered user with QEval is redirected to Set Security Question where he needs to set secret question. 

Setting up a secret question helps secure the user account and restore password. This includes the following steps-

  1. Enter the password.
  2. Select the question from drop down list.
  3. Enter the answer to selected question.
  4. Click  Submit button.
Set secret que

Set Secret Question


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